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Human Capital Management

Testing Strategy Overview

This webinar will provide a deep dive into the testing stages of a Workday Deployment. The session will focus on the roles & responsibilities within your organization, the development of test scenarios, and testing preparation best practices.

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Workday in Mergers & Acquisitions

Volatility in the market, regulations, and supply chain forces Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities. Companies are finding themselves in unanticipated business transactions with many pieces to manage. Additionally, many companies, both buying and being sold, fail to measure or realize their anticipated value. In this webinar, we cover a standard M&A process from start to finish, sharing commonly asked questions and case studies throughout the phases. We also discuss considerations from both the buy and sell sides.

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Customer Central and OX 2.0

Do you migrate reports, calculated fields, security, integrations, or other objects? With the 2023R1 release, Object Transporter (OX 1.0) is being deprecated and tenant-to-tenant migration will require Customer Central. OX is getting an upgrade to Object Transporter 2.0, but it comes with new setup requirements. Are you ready for this update?

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People experience

People experience houses Workday Today, the new user interface for your Workday homepage. Workday Today will be automatically implemented for ALL tenants with 2022R1 in March. Our People Experience webinar helps you learn about the enhanced features that come with this.

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Financial Management

Application Management Services

Driving value from Workday

Intecrowd provides Application Management Services (AMS) for over 85 customers in a variety of industries, with varying scale and breadth of Workday functionality and we are very aware that one size does not fit all!

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Analytics & Reporting

Optimizing Workday adaptive planning after go-live

Hear from BC Assessment’s Arnold Litzenberger and Tanya Becker on how they were able to optimize their planning solution with Intecrowd’s help.

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Analytics & Reporting: workforce trending analytics

Intecrowd’s Award-Winning Analytics and Reporting expert, Liz Adams, speaks to a customer’s journey to enhance their analytical insights through the use of an underutilized delivered functionality; Trended Workers.

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Workday Discovery Boards: The analytics tool of the future

Learn more about how you can utilize the power of Workday Discovery Boards for your Reporting & Analytics needs. Since 2020R2’s Feature Release, 34% of Reporting & Analytic Feature Releases have been centered on Discovery Boards. This tool delivers the detailed reporting your team needs, all within the same application they use every day.

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Workday Extend

Workday Extend use cases

Intecrowd has been working with Workday Extend for the last three years. Come learn about some of the use cases we have seen in our projects, explore some of the capabilities of Extend, and see a demo of our California break Time app. You’ll leave this session not only with ideas but with an approach for how to start thinking about how Extend can produce a return on your organization’s investment in Workday.

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Extending Workday Extend

Workday Extend opens up a variety of new possibilities for extending Workday functionality to further the capabilities of your business. Furthermore, it opens up the opportunity to leverage additional technology that can extend Extend.

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Workday Extend: Design best practices

With Workday Extend you can create custom apps that operate in the Workday tenant. To build that custom software properly, you need a solid design that is more detailed than most other Workday designs. Come learn about the Extend design process, and see examples of artifacts that should result from it. This will help business users be more prepared to engage and help to expedite the design process with your internal development team or a trusted partner. This will help designers and developers better understand the level of effort and deliverables expected from them.

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Workday vaccine management

Managing vaccines for our employees is part of the new normal for 2022. Fortunately, Workday provides options to effectively address this requirement. Explore the vaccine management capabilities Workday provides with recently released Core functionality and even more possibilities using Workday Extend.

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Workday Extend: The chicken app

Mar-Jac Poultry became a new Workday Extend customer once it became generally available in late May 2020. They are already going live with two apps that will bring a 100+% annual return on investment. Come hear about their experience in their first Workday Extend project, and learn what to expect in yours!

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Learning QuickStart

For Workday customers who have purchased Learning but not yet deployed it, Intecrowd has developed an innovative rapid deployment of Learning. This solution will get you up and running in a matter of days to facilitate enabling your staff to effectively work remotely and maintain productivity as well as help you leverage a valuable investment in Workday.

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Learner experience and Workday today

Learning customers will have a new dashboard significantly different from what they use today. Workday Today is a component of People Experience (PEX) designed to provide a better end-user experience.

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