Skills-based talent enablement

Workday delivers full visibility into your team’s performance and goal attainment so managers can easily recognize employee contributions in real time. By analyzing performance against potential, managers can prepare teams for opportunities and effectively build a pipeline for succession planning purposes.

Your employees can do their best work in a culture of connections, collaboration, and continuous learning. Career opportunities are proactively surfaced to give employees what they need to take ownership of their careers. In addition, Workday recommends learning opportunities based on the unique needs of every worker.

Goal alignment

Workday allows you to align your team from the top down with cascading organizational goals. You can assign additional team goals and develop personal goals at the worker level and add trackable goal attributes to provide specificity.

Performance QuickStart

QuickStart offering includes

Phase 1

Eliminate extra effort by consolidating performance goals and ratings into your core HR system of record

  • Performance review template and rating scale
  • Goal setting template
  • Workday suite delivered reports and dashboards

Phase 2

Drive goal achievement and organizational performance

  • Employee self-review template
  • Goal review for employee and manager comments
  • Goal ratings, overall ratings, and comments

Phase 3

Align performance to organizational outcomes

  • Organizational calibration of Performance
  • Roadmap for future feature adoption