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Prep for the New “Goals as Cards” User Experience

Leveraging insights from several popular Brainstorms, Workday has released a new “Goals as Cards” experience, which will replace the previous process when adding and editing goals ad hoc from the worker profile. This release offers highly requested features such as Goal History, more accessible help text, and Organization Goal visibility right from the main Goals screen. This update has already been released to Preview and will be required upon the Production release of 2023R2.

Worksheets and Slides Overview

Data-driven deliverables are a key aspect of many businesses’ day-to-day operations. Oftentimes, organizations must account for stale and mismatched data caused by the use of external tools for file creation and collaboration. These factors introduce variables that can negatively affect decision-making. In this webinar, we cover how to use Worksheets and Slides to analyze and accurately present your most current Workday data. Additionally, we provide an overview of how to use Worksheets and Slides to collaborate within Workday’s security model.

Manage and Audit Your Payroll with Workday Reports & Dashboards

Did you know that Workday has recently released new reports to assist with auditing payroll results? Are you currently utilizing the Payroll Calculation Processing Report and Retro Calculation Processing Report to review and audit your payroll? Is your Pay Cycle Command Center optimized to aid in managing your payroll process, including pre-payroll and post-payroll processing? In this webinar, we demonstrate how to leverage Workday’s standard delivered reports and dashboards to support your payroll process and conduct audits. We also showcase the Pay Cycle Command Center and provide best practices for managing your payroll process.

Notification Designer: Branding Your External Communications

Experience the streamlined power of Workday Notification Designer! Say goodbye to tedious template creation and embrace effortless management of notification layouts. With Workday Notification Designer, you can effortlessly craft branded notification templates tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s for task reminders, job alerts, or custom business processes, Notification Designer has you covered. In this webinar, our experts demonstrate the extensive configuration options at your disposal. You’ll witness firsthand how these visually appealing and branded notifications are received and the seamless integration and enhanced communication capabilities offered by Workday Notification Designer.

Espresso with the Expert: Workday Extend & Journal Line Reclassification

You have questions – we have answers! As an extension of our recent presentation with Workday on “The ROI of Extend with Intecrowd”, we are hosting Intecrowd’s second Espresso With The Expert. This interactive session is designed to serve as a mid-day coffee break where an Intecrowd expert can answer all of your questions about Extend and our new Workday Approved Solution, Journal Line Reclassification.

Testing Strategy Overview

This webinar will provide a deep dive into the testing stages of a Workday Deployment. The session will focus on the roles & responsibilities within your organization, the development of test scenarios, and testing preparation best practices.

Preparing for Year End: Workday Financials & Adaptive Planning

It’s that time of year again! 2023 is approaching, and with it, all of the once-a-year tasks and processes that you likely have not had to perform or consider since last year. During this webinar, we will review what you will need to wrap up your planning season, close out 2022, and ensure a seamless transition into the new year.

Workday in Mergers & Acquisitions

Volatility in the market, regulations, and supply chain forces Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities. Companies are finding themselves in unanticipated business transactions with many pieces to manage. Additionally, many companies, both buying and being sold, fail to measure or realize their anticipated value. In this webinar, we cover a standard M&A process from start to finish, sharing commonly asked questions and case studies throughout the phases. We also discuss considerations from both the buy and sell sides.

Customer Central and OX 2.0

Do you migrate reports, calculated fields, security, integrations, or other objects? With the 2023R1 release, Object Transporter (OX 1.0) is being deprecated and tenant-to-tenant migration will require Customer Central. OX is getting an upgrade to Object Transporter 2.0, but it comes with new setup requirements. Are you ready for this update?

People experience

People experience houses Workday Today, the new user interface for your Workday homepage. Workday Today will be automatically implemented for ALL tenants with 2022R1 in March. Our People Experience webinar helps you learn about the enhanced features that come with this.