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Aaron Althouse

Aaron has 20+ years of experience in software, application design and implementation, database administration, and technical software support. He is also a Workday Product Lead and holds 4 Workday certifications. He has been in the ecosystem since 2012.

Prior experience: Senior Consultant with Sierra-Cedar, Arrow Partnership

Education: BS, Western Oregon University; MBA, Marylhurst University

Dave Anselmi

Dave is a Principal Consultant certified on Workday Release 17 and recognized in the ecosystem as a leader in complex integrations and technical solutions. He has led integration projects encompassing HCM, Payroll, external/global payroll, Finance, and Supply Chain. Dave is a Studio Product Lead and has participated in Workday’s Hackathon since the first, placing 3 times.

Brady McDougal

Brady is a Senior Integration Consultant with an extensive software development background. He is Workday certified in Integrations, CCB, CCTPP, Workday Studio, Workday Cloud Platform, and has been a Studio Product Lead for the past 2 years. In his 4 years in the Workday ecosystem, he has specialized in Workday Studio and taking on the most challenging integration requirements. He has led or been involved with more than 15 Workday implementation projects and built over 75 integrations, most of them being Studio integrations. He has participated in multiple Workday Hackathons and was selected to be a participant in the early Workday Cloud Platform developer programs.

Tamara Riehle

Tamara has been in the Workday Ecosystem for close to 2.5 years primarily focusing on financial integrations and BIRT. During that time she has led five Phase 1 implementations and several other Phase X projects in the FIN integrations space. She has a passion for FIN integrations in particular and spends a lot of time helping newer integrators understand the connectors and the right questions to ask in order to lead the client to a successful go-live.

Nicholas Trandem

Nicholas has been working with Workday Extend since it came out at the 2017 Hackathon. He has competed in three Hackathons, the most recent being the 2020 Virtual Hackathon, and he lead his team in the 2019 Hackathon to a top ten finish. He has led or solo developed several apps, including Local Payroll Data, the initial version of Slack for Workday, California Break Time, Beyond Banking Bonuses, a VPS+AWS reference app, PPE & Work Supplies Tracking, and an app to allow employees to purchase their company’s production items at a discount and pay via paycheck deductions. He presented at Altitude 2019 as part of the Cloud Platform Showcase, on the April 2020 WCP KSS call, and a Group Braindate at Altitude 2020. Nicholas is the Lead Architect for Intecrowd’s Workday Extend practice.

Ben Turner

Ben has been in the Workday ecosystem for eleven years. Initially as a customer deployment lead and then, for the last 3.5 years, as an Integration Consultant. During this time he’s worked on numerous EIB projects and AMS tickets for over 30 Workday clients. He routinely mentors new consultants and particularly enjoys supporting them through EIB + DT integration development. He’s acquired a great deal of experience & knowledge in this area.

Kristin Prokopakis

Kristin Prokopakis

Kristin is Intecrowd’s Lead Learning Consultant. She achieved Workday Product Lead status in less than two years and is a leader in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within Workday Learning. Kristin led the first implementation of Learning for a customer on AWS and has led multiple learning deployments for large and complex customers. Kristin has supported Intecrowd customers on over 20 projects. She is certified in HCM, Learning, Talent & Performance, and is a Workday Certified Engagement Manager.

Michelle Roberts

Michelle Roberts

Michelle is a Senior Consultant certified on Workday Release 25 with four years in the Workday Ecosystem. In the last year, she has led five Talent/Performance projects. Michelle is certified in HCM, Talent/Performance, Learning, Recruiting, and Project Management, and specializes in implementing creative Performance solutions, as well as configuring global Onboarding.

David Duke

David Duke

David has been in the Workday ecosystem for 11 years, he was first certified in August of 2010. David has been credited with bringing the 1st Time Tracking client live on Workday. He has worked on 370 different customers and brought over 226 live, many from day one including some slammers built, tested, and brought live in 8 weeks. Before Workday he spent many years working with Kronos, Cybershift so he has done time for over 25 years. David was also a Product Lead at Onesource Virtual before joining Intecrowd in 2018. He is excited to get back into the program and keep sharing his knowledge with the ecosystem.

Char Hillmann

Char Hillmann

Char has 25+ years of Payroll process and technology functional knowledge and within 2 years has become a lead payroll consultant in Workday. Char presents Payroll training to customers in configuration and processing best practices. Her clients have said that they have learned more from Char than any other resource. Char has been certified in PATT, HCM, Benefits, Core and Advanced Compensation within 2 years which has allowed her to understand the touchpoints to Payroll to better serve her implementation and AMS customers. Char is used internally at Intecrowd as a Payroll resource for questions and works with the other consultants to assist them in solving complex issues. Her ability to train and document processes and configuration makes her a perfect Payroll Product lead.