Workday Product Leads

The purpose of the Workday Product Lead program is to leverage Workday product implementation experts to share knowledge, provide support (product, implementation, tools, and best practices), and develop expertise in their organizations and across the ecosystem.

Rob Polocz

Partner Product Lead

Kristin Prokopakis

Learning, Extended Enterprise Learner

Cloud Connect for 3rd Party Payroll

Danika Dodd

Banking and Settlement, Expenses

Cloud Connect for 3rd Party Payroll


Adam Ellis





Get to Know Our Product Leads

Rob polocz

partner Product Lead

Rob is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong programmer, Rob leads and mentors our technical staff. With 8.5 years of hands-on Workday experience, and recognition by Workday as a Product Lead, he has led the building of Intecrowd’s reputation for superior delivery and thought leadership in the technical disciplines. He is regularly invited by Workday to speak and teach their employees and the partner ecosystem.

Rob Polocz

Danika Dodd

Danika Dodd

Senior Consultant Expense Product Lead

Danika is a Senior Consultant certified on Workday Release 22, within Danika’s five years in the Workday Ecosystem she has led over 23 projects. Danika is a recognized leader in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within the Spend Pilar.  Danika lead the first Expense Only Deployment Project for Workday, for a client that was live on HCM and Payroll only.

Adam Ellis

Talent Product Lead

Adam is a Team Leader certified on Workday in 2015. With over 4 years of Workday experience, Adam has led a total of over 15 projects, including Talent and Performance, Benefits, Compensation, and Recruiting; and he has supported an additional 10 projects. Adam is a Talent and Performance Product Lead in the Workday ecosystem, and has presented on the Workday Community KSS call to discuss complex Calibration setup options and Performance Reviews. Adam lead a 6-month global redesign for a company with over 15,000 workers and they are now up and-running with an innovative and efficient Performance Review Process, which includes Calibration and Assess Potential.

Adam Ellis

Jennifer Grant

Benefits Product lead

Jennifer is a Manager in Deployment Services originally certified on Workday Release 17. During Jennifer’s 6+ years in the Workday Ecosystem she has led more than 50 projects as well as providing Delivery Assurance, Office Hours and AMS support for multiple others. Jennifer is recognized as an expert in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within Benefits. Jennifer presented training for benefits consultants in the Workday ecosystem for the ACA 1094-C/1095-C configuration, form generation and IRS Filing.

Kristin PRokoPakis

Learning, Extended Learning Enterprise learning Product lead

Kristin is Intecrowd’s Lead Learning Consultant. She achieved Workday Product Lead status in less than two years and is a leader in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within Workday Learning. Kristin led the first implementation of Learning for a customer on AWS and has led multiple learning deployments for large and complex customers. Kristin has supported Intecrowd customers on over 20 projects. She is certified in HCM, Learning, Talent & Performance, and is a Workday Certified Engagement Manager. 

Arron Althouse

Aaron Althouse

Cloud Connect for 3rd Party Payroll Product Lead

Aaron is a Direct of the INtegrations team. He has 23 years of experience in software, including the delivery of large-scale projects for major accounts, application design and implementation, database administration, and technical software support. He brings over 10 years of staff management and business-to-business consulting experience. Aaron is a Workday Product Lead and holds 4 Workday certifications. He has been in the ecosystem since 2012.

Michelle ROberts

Talent Product Lead

Michelle is a Senior Consultant certified on Workday Release 25 with four years in the Workday Ecosystem. In the last year she has led 5 Talent/Performance projects. Michelle is certified in HCM, Talent/Performance, Learning, Recruiting, and Project Management, and specializes in implementing creative Performance solutions, as well as configuring global Onboarding.

Brady McDougal

Studio Product Lead

Brady is a Senior Integration Consultant with an extensive software development background.  He is Workday certified in Integrations, CCB, CCTPP, Workday Studio, Workday Cloud Platform, and has been a Studio Product Lead for the past 2 years.  In his 4 years in the Workday ecosystem, he has specialized in Workday Studio and taking on the most challenging integration requirements.  He has led or been involved with more than 15 Workday implementation projects and built over 75 integrations, most of them being Studio integrations.  He has participated in multiple Workday Hackathons and was selected to be a participant of the early Workday Cloud Platform developer programs.

Dan Fieldhouse

Cloud Connect for 3rd Party Payroll Product Lead

Dan is a Principal Consultant certified since Workday Release 16 and has worked exclusively in the Workday ecosystem since 2012. Dan has led the integrations projects for more than a dozen initial phase implementations, including several global clients as well as serving as an Integration architect for some of Workday’s largest customers. Dan led the early implementations of the Workday Global Payroll Cloud as well as Workday’s Payroll Effective Change Interface and participated in the early design of those Workday platforms. 

Dave Anselmi

STudio product lead

Dave is a Principal Consultant certified on Workday Release 17 and recognized in the ecosystem as a leader in complex integrations and technical solutions. He has led integration projects encompassing HCM, Payroll, external/global payroll, Finance, and Supply Chain. Dave is a Studio Product Lead and has participated in Workday’s Hackathon since the first, placing 3 times.