Workday Product Leads

The purpose of the Workday Product Lead program is to leverage Workday product implementation experts to share knowledge, provide support (product, implementation, tools, and best practices), and develop expertise in their organizations and across the ecosystem.




Rob is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong programmer. Rob leads and mentors our technical staff. With 8.5 years of hands-on Workday experience, and recognition by Workday as a Product Lead, he has led the building of Intecrowd’s reputation for superior delivery and thought leadership in the technical disciplines. He is regularly invited by Workday to speak and teach their employees and the partner ecosystem.



Aaron is the Director of the Integrations team. He has 23 years of experience in software, including the delivery of large-scale projects for major accounts, application design and implementation, database administration, and technical software support. He brings over 10 years of staff management and business-to-business consulting experience. Aaron is a Workday Product Lead and holds 4 Workday certifications. He has been in the ecosystem since 2012.



Dan is a Principal Consultant certified since Workday Release 16 and has worked exclusively in the Workday ecosystem since 2012. Dan has led the integrations projects for more than a dozen initial phase implementations, including several global clients as well as serving as an Integration architect for some of Workday’s largest customers. Dan led the early implementations of the Workday Global Payroll Cloud as well as Workday’s Payroll Effective Change Interface and participated in the early design of those Workday platforms. 

Shikha Puri


Shikha is a Senior Integration Consultant with an extensive software development background. She has been working in the Workday ecosystem for 4.5 years and is Workday certified in HCM and FIN integrations, Studio and CCB. She has experience working with multiple workday partners and customer company. Her Workday projects include HCM, FIN and SCM domains and Workday Studio, CCB, EIB, DT, BIRT,  She has led or been involved with more than 20 Workday implementation projects with teams globally. 



Dave is a Principal Consultant certified on Workday Release 17 and recognized in the ecosystem as a leader in complex integrations and technical solutions. He has led integration projects encompassing HCM, Payroll, external/global payroll, Finance, and Supply Chain. Dave is a Studio Product Lead and has participated in Workday’s Hackathon since the first, placing 3 times.



Lazaro Medina has been working in the Workday ecosystem for about 3.5 years. He’s been on 4 full Life-Cycle deployment projects and numerous post-production projects or customer support engagements. He’s led a number of the post production engagements all the way from Discovery to Production for both Medium and Large Enterprise. 

Nicolas Trandem


Nicholas has been working with Workday Extend since it came out at the 2017 Hackathon. He has competed in three Hackathons, the most recent being the 2020 Virtual Hackathon, and he lead his team in the 2019 Hackathon to a top ten finish. He has led or solo developed several apps, including: Local Payroll Data, the initial version of Slack for Workday, California Break Time, Beyond Banking Bonuses, a VPS+AWS reference app, PPE & Work Supplies Tracking, and an app to allow employees to purchase their company’s production items at a discount and pay via paycheck deductions. 




Brady is a Senior Integration Consultant with an extensive software development background.  He is Workday certified in Integrations, CCB, CCTPP, Workday Studio, Workday Cloud Platform, and has been a Studio Product Lead for the past 2 years.  In his 4 years in the Workday ecosystem, he has specialized in Workday Studio and taking on the most challenging integration requirements.  He has led or been involved with more than 15 Workday implementation projects and built over 75 integrations, most of them being Studio integrations.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Adam Ellis


Adam is a Team Leader certified on Workday in 2015. With over 4 years of Workday experience, Adam has led a total of over 15 projects, including Talent and Performance, Benefits, Compensation, and Recruiting; and he has supported an additional 10 projects. Adam has presented on the Workday Community KSS call to discuss complex Calibration setup options and Performance Reviews. Adam led a 6-month global redesign for a company with over 15,000 workers and they are now up and-running with an innovative and efficient Performance Review Process, which includes Calibration and Assess Potential.



Kristin is Intecrowd’s Lead Learning Consultant. She achieved Workday Product Lead status in less than two years and is a leader in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within Workday Learning. Kristin led the first implementation of Learning for a customer on AWS and has led multiple learning deployments for large and complex customers. She co-developed Intecrowd’s Learning QuickStart offering to get customers up and running with Workday Learning in record time.  Kristin has supported Intecrowd customers on over 20 projects. She is certified in HCM, Learning, Talent & Performance, and is a Workday Certified Engagement Manager.



Becki has completed a total of 16 Recruiting implementations, with 14 of them in a Lead role. In addition to the implementations she has done multiple review and recommends for clients that implemented 2-3 years ago, but have not adopted any of the new functionality. Her last couple recruiting projects she has held the role of Solutions Architect in an effort to train new leads and or support their efforts. The recruiting area is by far her favorite as it is constantly growing and enhancing the clients experience. Being a Product Lead role aligns with her desire to continue to help clients and consultants in utilizing the Workday Recruiting functionality in the most effective way possible. 



Michelle is a Senior Consultant certified on Workday Release 25 with four years in the Workday Ecosystem. In the last year she has led 5 Talent/Performance projects. Michelle is certified in HCM, Talent/Performance, Learning, Recruiting, and Project Management, and specializes in implementing creative Performance solutions, as well as configuring global Onboarding.


BENEFITS and People Experience 

Jennifer is a Manager in Professional Services originally certified on Workday Release 17. During Jennifer’s 7+ years in the Workday Ecosystem she has led more than 50 projects as well as providing Delivery Assurance, Office Hours and AMS support for multiple others. Jennifer is recognized as an expert in the Workday ecosystem, working closely with Product Managers and Field Readiness Architects within Benefits. Jennifer presented training for benefits consultants in the Workday ecosystem for the ACA 1094-C/1095-C configuration, form generation and IRS Filing. In addition to benefits, she is certified in HCM, Compensation, Advanced Compensation, Talent & Performance and Project Management. With the release of Workday’s new People Experience functionality (PEX), Jennifer is one of Workday’s new Product Leads in PEX and is leading the implementation of PEX for several clients as early adopters.

Katherine Tarnowski


Katherine started on the client side and went through a full implementation of HCM, Recruiting,Payroll, and Financials. After go-live she stayed on as the Business Process Administrator to support on-going enhancements and break-fixes in all modules. In her role at Intecrowd Katherine supports the following modules: HCM, Security, Recruiting, Core Compensation, Advanced Compensation, and Reporting. Katherine is currently certified in HCM, Core Compensation, Advanced Compensation, and Advanced Reporting. 

Kelly Smith


Kelly started her Workday journey on the client-side supporting the recruiting efforts as a Workday client. She joined Intecrowd as Consultant and began supporting recruiting projects and moved up to a lead role. Kelly has also worked on several “recruiting refresh” projects where she has played a key role in fine-tuning customers post-production configuration with new Workday functionality. As a Product Lead, she is committed to helping customers see the value that Workday Recruiting can bring to their organization and share her passion for the Recruiting functionality. She believes she can be a positive influence to her clients as well as the Workday Community through collaboration and support. In addition to Recruiting, Kelly is also certified in HCM, Launch and Benefits.

Barabara Toler


Barbara has a unique Workday background in that she has been a Workday employee, customer and now consultant with more than 6 years of experience in the ecosystem. Her experience with Workday started as a customer during an HCM implementation. She was a functional SME involved in testing and training of end users as well as creating system documentation. After the deployment, she went on to become a Workday instructor. She taught HCM and Payroll classes to Workday customers and also had opportunities to lead an HRIS team. She is now a Senior Consultant at Intecrowd with certifications in HCM, Benefits and Project Management.

Payroll, absence, and Time Tracking



David has been in the Workday ecosystem for 11 years; he was first certified in August of 2010. David has been credited with bringing the 1st Time Tracking client live on Workday. He has worked with 370 different customers and brought over 226 live, many from day one including several deployments that were built, tested and brought live in just 8 weeks. Before Workday he spent many years working with Kronos and Cybershift so he has focused on time tracking for more than 25 years. David was also a Product Lead at Onesource Virtual before joining Intecrowd in 2018. He is excited to get back into the program and keep sharing his knowledge with the ecosystem.

Jennifer Soloway


Jennifer has worked in the Workday ecosystem for almost 6 years in the areas of US & Canadian Payroll, Global Payroll and Project Management.   Prior to Workday, Jennifer worked as a Payroll/HCM consultant on SAP for 12 years with over half of that time as a Payroll SME advising major global clients on Process Optimization, support M&A work, assist with internal/external audits and year end support.  Currently today she leads the PATT practice for Intecrowd. Jennifer also is a member of the American Payroll Association and was active for many years on the GRTF for Garnishments. 



Debbie has been in the Workday ecosystem for over 5 years, with over 30 years of Payroll experience. She has been a Payroll Processor, Payroll Manager, Payroll Director, Payroll Systems Manager, Payroll Consultant for implementing payroll and now is a Sr. Payroll Consultant implementing Workday payroll. She brings many years of overall experience in the payroll realm and holds the CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) Certification with the American Payroll Association. She is excited to be a Product Lead to share and learn from her peers to improve the overall customer experience with Workday.

Char Hillmann


Char has 25+ years of Payroll process and technology functional knowledge and within 2 years has become a lead payroll consultant in Workday. Char presents Payroll training to customers in configuration and processing best practices. Her clients have said that they have learned more from Char than any other resource. Char has been certified in PATT, HCM, Benefits, Core and Advanced Compensation within 2 years which has allowed her to understand the touchpoints to Payroll to better serve her implementation and AMS customers. Char is used internally at Intecrowd as a Payroll resource for questions and works with the other consultants to assist them in solving complex issues. Her ability to train and document processes and configuration makes her a perfect Payroll Product lead.

Brad Seckner

Absence Management 

Brad has been in the WD ecosystem since 2014.  He obtained his certification in Absence in June of 2016 and started leading absence projects in November of 2014.  He has lead approximately 20 absence projects which included large enterprise projects and global implementations.  Brad lead the absence deployment of IBM’s internal global implementation for the countries of Israel and Japan.  Brad has mentored multiple junior consultants in the absence space and continues to lead Absence projects as a Sr Consultant with Intecrowd.  Brad has worked with multiple WD Partners and has worked closely with many consultants within the WD ecosystem and continues to collaborate with them.


Sarah Dickey


Sarah is a senior consultant originally certified on Workday Release 24. Within Sarah’s 5 years in the Workday ecosystem, she has led over 20 implementations while providing subject matter expertise. Among other deployments, Sarah has led Projects and Business Assets functional areas on a Large Enterprise Your Way deployment and a high-profile implementation for a world known University



Ryan is a Principal Consultant originally certified on Workday Release 26. Within Ryan’s four years in the Workday Ecosystem he has lead over 21 Financial implementations. Ryan was the Banking and Settlement Lead for Workday’s Largest Financials Implementation to Date.

Kathy Prough


Kathy is a senior consultant, and has been in the Workday ecosystem for over 5 years. She has led over 20 projects for all Spend functional areas for both Medium Enterprise and Large Enterprise Workday Your Way projects. The industries for these project varies from higher education to healthcare. 

Cara Leudan

Projects & Project Billing

Cara has been part of 25 revenue management, customer account, customer contracts, and PSA implementations as the lead or architect on the project. Cara has been part of 10 Cash management implementations as the lead or architect on the project. In the past, Cara has worked closely with product management to help solution unique customer requirements in Workday. Cara has worked on some of the largest Workday Financials Implementations.

Reporting                                                        Data Conversion



Liz is Intecrowd’s Reporting Architect and holds Workday certifications in Integrations, Advanced Reporting, Composite Reporting, People Analytics, and Prism. As the recipient of the Workday Altitudes 2021 Product Lead Award for Reporting & Analytics, Liz has partnered with multiple global middle and large enterprise clients throughout various stages of their analytics journey. Liz graduated with honors from Rutgers University with a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management all while being a Division 1 athlete.

Todd Greene


Todd has lead and  completed 18-24 projects within Data conversions ranging from HCM, Payroll, Financials, Learning. Todd has  learned DC to a great depth and gain deep knowledge with every conversion.