Intecrowd’s  Workday Learning QuickStart

Get up and Running in ONE Week at a Low Fixed Price

A Remote World

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of work. Many companies have no choice but to go virtual. If your employees are newly working from home, achieving productivity fast is critical. If you have Workday Learning, but haven’t deployed it yet, leveraging your investment rapidly can help you.

Workday Learning QuickStart

Our Solution

Our solution includes basic setup and configuration to get your company up and running on Workday Learning.

Intecrowd’s Workday Learning QuickStart can help you upskill or maintain skills and compliance during this unusual time. Delivering virtual content for new skills or processes can also help you prepare for recovery. Workday Learning facilitates enabling your staff to effectively work remotely and not lose productivity.  In response to the continued economic hardship and uncertainty with COVID-19, Intecrowd is offering to deploy Workday Learning to enable your company to continue to grow and move forward during this time while providing your employees access to important information and learning material. 


Benefits of Workday Learning for a Remote Workforce

Provide remote training more easily
Promote collaboration and knowledge sharing
Develop new skills
Reduce downtime
Track and monitor learning and communications
Teach remote work skills and paradigms
Prepare the workforce for recovery
Deliver easy-to-create content

Solution Includes:

  • Basic Setup Configuration
    • Learning Domain Security
    • Learning Business Processes
    • Learning Security Roles (Admin., Learners)
  • Loading three e-learning (digital) courses
  • Basic training for End Users and Administrators

Intecrowd’s Learning Experience

  • First to deploy Workday Learning on AWS
  • One of the first to deploy Extended Enterprise Learning
  • 62,000+ Employees Converted
  • 12+ Languages Deployed
  • 60+ Countries Deployed
  • Multiple Industries

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