Intecrowd Introduces AMS for Less™

Lake Worth, FL

Effective January 1, 2021, Intecrowd announces the availability of “More for Less AMS”  to new clients who want to obtain better service at lower rates (as our current clients already do).  This solution allows Intecrowd to offer customers matching AMS support at 10-15% lower prices with immediate availability via Pay-as-you-go pricing and expedited contracting (for the same scope your current vendor provides).  This offering is available until June 30, 2021.

How does it work:

  1. We provide a pay-as-you go agreement at the reduced rates with no obligation.  This agreement is provided within 8 business hours of contact.
  2. We schedule a FREE 4-hour transition meeting with our team.
  3. We replicate your existing contract with a MINIMUM 10% discount and up to 15% discount based on larger volumes.  This is ready to sign within 3 business days.
  4. After one month or the first 24 hours of support, we provide a FREE Roadmap review to help us support your Workday plan in the best way possible.




In this time of uncertainty it is critical to be able to rely on your Workday AMS partner to not lose any capability, response and reliability when you need it most. Since our inception Intecrowd has been a 100% virtual Workday Partner – we wrote the book on #WorkFromHome.  We have over 65 AMS customers that are supported by Workday Certified consultants – working virtually – and we are open for business as usual.

We understand that there may be concerns about the reliability of your existing Workday support during these unpredictable times. Intecrowd stands ready to support you.   

In fact, with documentation, we will assume existing scope with a 10-15% immediate discount.  We can provide an initial “More-for-Less AMS” Pay-As-You- Go agreement with no obligation on your part within 4 hours to get started immediately while we transition your existing agreement to a lower cost model.  This gets you onboard quickly to provide you the support you need at lower rates than your existing partner.  Please contact us at to inquire about our AMS solutions.