Intecrowd’s Application Management Services

Global Support – Flexible Plans and Pricing – Expert Consultants

Intecrowd provides Application Management Services (AMS) for over 120 customers in a variety of industries, with varying scale and breadth of Workday functionality and we are very aware that one size does not fit all! 

Intecrowd partners with our AMS clients to find the right fit.  Our configurable support models reflect your needs based on your resources, Workday roadmap, and budget.  This right-sized support solution includes flexible contract duration, support hours, and payment terms – ranging from on-demand pay-as-you-go service to dedicated staff with complete SLAs.

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Are you Tired of paying too much for too little?

Is your team tired of training your AMS Partner? 

What would it feel like to buy just what you need?

You should 

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Driving Value With Workday

Intecrowd believes that a Workday deployment is not a single event, but an ongoing stream of value.  The old paradigm of simply keeping the lights on” and “break-fix” sub-optimizes the power of Workday.  With Workday, each release provides new opportunities to empower your workforce and drive value from your Workday investment.  Additionally, progressing along a defined path (Roadmap) and deploying additional components (especially those you have already purchased) can extend the value you receive considerably.  Intecrowd partners with you to take advantage of each release and evaluate all purchased and available functionality.

Core Services

  • Break – Fix
  • Review and Recommend
  • Business Calendar life cycle support
  • Merger and Acquisition Impact
  • Phase X Deployments
  • Change Management and Training

Technical Services

  • Integrations
  • Diagnostics
  • Security
  • Reporting

Strategic Services

  • Strategic Release Management
  • Executive Analytics
  • Security Management
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Business and User Adoption

Customer-Centric Approach, Expert Access, A True Center of Excellence

No single team can know all of Workday.  However, you need access to a wide variety of expertise from an AMS partner.  Intecrowd utilizes a unique approach where we have direct access to the same resources who deploy Workday to resolve customer issues.  The key is that we provide our customers with the best of both worlds.  

All Intecrowd clients get a dedicated Account Manager who leverages our team of experienced Workday consultants.  Our AMS Center of Excellence allows us to apply the most qualified resources to identify, understand, resolve and ensure your business realizes the value of your Workday solution.  We solve your issues and address your challenges with the same experienced team we use to support deployments.


Partnering Approach

We carefully onboard our AMS clients to ensure we understand all aspects of your deployment and business.  We provide tailored reporting with a high level of transparency as we resolve your issues. From business case to business process configuration, integrations, strategic release management and more we closely with your team to go beyond the support paradigm of Break-Fix and truly partner to drive the value of Workday.