Data scrambling protects PII in your Workday non-production tenants and helps you meet GDPR requirements.

Do you:

  • Have live PII in your testing or training tenants?
  • Have GDPR requirements to meet?
  • Need an automated, effective, and efficient way to scramble your PII data within the tenant?

When production data is used in testing, training, development, implementation and other non-production Workday tenants, sensitive data is accessible to the many people who may work in these tenants.  Scrambling sensitive data is the solution, but manual methods are expensive, time-consuming and require exporting the data from the master tenant.

Intecrowd’s patent pending Tenant Data Scrambler (TDS) has helped our clients for over two years meet PII security requirements in a cost-effective and secure way that supports testing and training.

TDS not only scrambles the data, but it ensures that the resulting information is compliant with downstream integrations from Payroll to eVerify.  We scramble data for over 20 countries including all major GDPR economies, with regular updates.

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Speed up the Workday integration unit testing process— and improve overall quality and consistency. Intecrowd’s Auto TesterTM makes it easy.

AutoTester™ is designed to reduce the cost and time to conduct unit testing while improving quality and consistency. It allows for a repeatable, configurable library of test data to be loaded en masse. Instead of spending the time to enter transactions to support integration unit testing, update testing, training data, or business process routing, users can just select the desired transactions from the library and assemble them into scenarios.

This automated tool dramatically decreases the length of the integration unit testing cycle, helping you:

  • Cut unit testing time in half
  • Significantly reduce defects
  • Increase test case coverage
  • Mitigate project risk
  • Automatically stage test case data

Adding test cases and permutations of the data is as simple as copying and pasting, allowing for more complete testing that covers all edge cases. AutoTester™ also supports rich, multistep scenarios in a single data load. This allows the user to create more realistic and complicated data scenarios, like the new hire that then has a compensation change and goes on a leave of absence. Using AutoTester™ allows these complicated transaction scenarios to be loaded in minutes instead of hours entering and approving transactions manually.

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